Life Experience

By Catilyn B., Age 13

The experience that has changed my life the most was when my mother died. I was nine and I was devastated when I found out. The weekend before was one spent at my cousins’ with my little brother.

My Mom had passed away from breast cancer. She had had it once before and when it returned; she was not even fully recovered from the first time. Due to chemotherapy, my Mom had lost her hair and was significantly weaker than her normal state. The weekend I was at my cousins’ house, she was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and she died the next day. At that time my little brother was four, and I was nine.

I remember having to switch schools in third grade, ¾ of the way through the school year and it was hard adjusting. My teacher was very understanding and lenient, and I was quick to have new friends. After a while I was happy again, and I lived like any other 9-year old. It was a very hard time in my life, but with the help of my family and new friends I was able to live a happy life. I have now moved past the even, although I always miss my mom.