St. Joseph's School in Texas

What do students think about being involved with Postcards for Peace?

Postcards for Peace (PFP) – Reflection Quotes

Ms. Lagorio’s Classes, St. Joseph Catholic School


What does being involved in PFP mean to you?

“Being involved in PFP is a life-changing experience because I get to interact with kids from Uganda.” –Becky

“Being a part of PFP makes me feel good because we get to tell people in Uganda about us and they have friends around the world. It’s a good feeling inside.” –Fallon

“It inspires me to do small things that spread happiness.” –Ashley

“I think it is very interesting to learn about people from other countries.” –Anjali

“It makes me feel like I can make a change by helping others and comforting people who are going through hard times, like war.” –Johnny

“Being involved in PFP is a huge honor for me. This is a worldwide experience and to be a part of this is wonderful.” –Nicolette

PFP means to me that I am helping somebody to find love, hope, happiness, and God in their life.” –Emmy

“For me, being involved in PFP is awesome. I feel lucky to be able to inspire and be inspired by people across the globe who have been through a lot.” –Sammy


What are your goals for participating in PFP?

“I hope to encourage those who lack hope to never give up on what they want to achieve.” –Daniel

“I hope to tell them that through God anything is possible.” –Becky

“My goals include helping the kids that need friends, making them feel happier about their lives, and making them smile instead of frown.” –Jasmine

“This might help the people in Uganda know that they can talk to people and not really be afraid. It might help them have a voice and use it.” –Mia

“I hope that this project will help me to improve as a person and learn about a new culture.” –Steven

“I would like to become more aware of the problems in this world and how to help overcome these major issues.” –Kali