Hello Pen pal! 

I was so happy to get your postcard. You are a great artist! It is clear that you love soccer, and I do, too! I have been playing since I was about 6 years old. How long have you been playing? Is it your favorite activity to do? 

Playing soccer has been something to which I have been extremely committed over the years. I have played on various teams and gave one hundred percent to each particular team on which I played. I feel my sense of commitment is one of my greatest strengths. Once I decide to do something and set my mind to it, I am loyal to that task and will not abandon it. 

Last year, I decided I wanted to run the Boston Marathon, which is a 26.2 mile race that takes place around the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Once I committed to doing this, I did not let myself quit. The training was time consuming and very difficult, at times, but I stuck with it. Crossing the finish line on the day of the Race was the most amazing feeling, and if I did not have such a strong sense of commitment, I never would have experienced it.

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