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Click to share a brief statement of peace - What is peace?  Where have you seen peace or injustice?  What has made you happy?  What has made you angry?

To have love is to have respect, acceptance, kindness, forgiveness, and understanding.  In order to achieve peace we must have love. We are all in this life together, so we must help one another by sharing love, even with the smallest gestures to believe in and achieve peace. Alexis .: PEACE is LOVE
Last summer, at a summer camp in Italy for children with cancer that I worked at, one of my campers turned up the radio as we had our "tidy-up-the-cabin" time.  Blasting the tune, she picked up the broom and started dancing around, singing as though she was on a stage in front of millions of fans.  She found a happiness inside of herself; one that could push away even the most dim moments.    Arielle .: Peace is Happiness
A centerpiece of the report is the demolition of public housing. sean .: A centerpiece of the report
Thank you veterans for working towards peace. Nicole .: Veterans
That’s all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something special. Kristen .: That’s all I can say. You
On Christmas Eve, my neighbor who "fell in love with her husband in Boston" left a framed picture of Boston as a gift for me on my front step.  I love and live in Boston :) Meg .: Unexpected Thoughtfulness
Christ teaches: your neighboryou will love as yourself,but never forget that they are an other.  Meg .: Poem by Antonio Machado
Today I saw a woman smiling as she walked down the street. It wasn't clear what she was smiling about, but it warmed my heart and made me smile too. It reminded me that when we find peace in our hearts, we make peace in our world. Jen .: Smiling at the world
Peace is a sign of harmony characterized by the lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace also suggests the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships, prosperity in matters of social or economic welfare, the establishment of equality, and a working political order that serves the true interests of all. online casino   chizimi .: Peace is a sign of harmony
Peace is compassion, manifested through action. Feeling compassion for another person is a start, but if it only remains in our hearts and thoughts, we have not done anything to spread peace. Peace is when we go out of our way to reach out to another human and help them in some way, take action to show them that we care, and instill compassion in their heart as well. Cara .: Active Compassion

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Post Peace

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