Words I Live By

Words I Live By

            People always have phrases or words they live by. This can be looked at as leading a superstitious life in some ways I guess however; one phrase I have lived by is that everything happens for a reason. I have found this phrase to be a stress reliever and a positive way to look at a negative situation. For as long as I can remember I have always used this phrase to help justify bad, negative, or not expected things that occur in my life.

            For example, this summer I got into a bad car accident. I was told in the hospital when I awoke from unconsciousness that it was a miracle that myself and the other person involved in the accident, had lived. I could have looked at this accident in a negative way and spent so much time driving myself insane wondering why I got into this horrific accident instead I relied on the phrase “everything happens for a reason”. I believe for some strange reason I was meant to be in this accident for reasons I am sure I will never learn. Another example is that my entire life I always wanted to attend Georgetown University. I am not going to lie; Boston College was my second choice. To my dismay I did not get into Georgetown and I was very upset. This was a goal I was working toward my entire life. However, I got into my second choice Boston College and I could not be happier. At the time I was so angry with myself and kept thinking I could have done more and was constantly thinking about the negative aspects. However, once I realized that everything happens for a reason, I realized that I was so lucky to have gotten into Boston College. At this point I could not imagine myself at any other college. I did not get into Georgetown for a reason and when I came to grips with the fact that I was still going to be attending an amazing college I remembered that this all happened for a reason.

            Another set of words that I live by is that everything eventually works itself out and time heals all. Although I am still young and have so much more to experience, the experience I have been through, this phrase has definitely helped the healing process. It is comforting to know that as time goes on things will get better. At the time that something bad or negative happens in your life, to know that it probably cannot get much worse, as bad as that sounds. Some things that I have had to deal with in my life at the time it was all occurring I felt as if my life was over. Once I was reminded of the fact that everything does work itself out, does help to begin the healing process. Also time heals all is a very comforting phrase. Once again, at the time you may feel that your life is over and nothing will fix your situation you are currently in, knowing that as time goes on your situation will die down.

            The words that I live by are “everything happens for a reason”, “everything will work itself out” and “time heals all”. These three phrases have really helped me put during hard or confusing times in my life. I find that these phrases bring sanity, comfort, and calmness into my life. Also, when friends or family are going through hard times I often refer to these phrases and I believe that in most cases I have comforted the people I love. At times even I need to remember these phrases to keep myself from getting overly upset when it is not totally necessary. I’m sure as I get older and continue to grow I will start living by more phrases but I think I will always live by these words.


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