Words I Live By


Words I Live By

Words I live by...

Life is so good and it gets better everyday

“…some things don't matter much. Like the color of a house. How big is that in the overall scheme of life? But lifting a person's heart--now, that matters. The whole problem with people is...they know what matters, but they don't choose it...The hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters…”

unbelief is a terrible thing. And so is the hurt we cause others unknowingly…


These are three quotes from three of my favorite books.  The words I live by the most is the first quote. "Life is so good and it gets better everyday"  I try to find the best in every situation no matter how bad it may seem.


The books the quotes are from are Life is So Good by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman, The Secret Life of Bess by Sue Monk Kidd and The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

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