In reply to your previous postcard:


Of all of the things that are most important to me in my life, God is definitely the most important. I believe that no matter what happens to me in this lifetime, I will always have God, and through Him, I will always have love, and that is all that a person truly needs to get by in this world. I have definitely found God in a new way since I have been at college – I see him all the time in both people I love and in total strangers. There is a lot of good in this world, and although it may seem like there is no hope for humanity, and that the world is all war, hate, and discrimination, I think it’s important to acknowledge the small signs that are everywhere in the people around us that God is always present, and that hope is always alive. This is at the center of who I feel I am.


Words I Live By:


It was hard to pick one quote for the words I live by; I have a lot of favorite quotes that encapsulate who I am (probably because I love to read!) I decided to pick Amor Vincit Omnia – a Latin phrase which means Love Conquers All. In my mind, love is the answer. It is the answer to small problems, like how to get yourself through a hard day, or how to make friends in a new place, and it is also the answer to big problems, like war and genocide. I believe that this world could be a harmonious place if people would let themselves be ruled by love and compassion instead of the hunger for power and the fear of being hurt. I try to remember this phrase when I believe that my differences with someone are too great for us to be friends, or when I judge someone by their actions in one instance. It’s an ongoing process, learning to be all love and no hate, but I think that trying to hold yourself to this standard is a good start to living a beautiful and happy life.

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