The great Michelangelo was a very skilled and masterful Renaissance artist and sculptor.  The masterpieces he created amaze me with their intricacy and beauty.  However, the most memorable contribution that he has made for me in my life is how he moved me most with his words, “I am still learning”. 

(Two of my favorite artisticworks by Michelangelo are also here on my postcard: La Pieta, a marble statue at The Vatican & the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Both of these works emerged from nothing and were created in very difficult circumstances.  La Pieta from a block of marble and the Sistine Chapel was painted while he was on his back high above the floor.)

“I am still learning”

These words stay with me every day in my personal, professional, and academic life. They remind me to stay curious and aware of the world around me.   Every day, in every situation I can always be seeing more, experiencing more, and learning more by being aware of what is happening around me. The world is such a fascinating, and incredible place that offers so much for us to learn from.

         Everysituation, challenge, and person we meet each day can teach us something new.  We are all in this great world together… everyone has some challenge that exists in their lives and weall must help each other every chance we get.   It is important to realize that each of us has something that we can offer to those around us! 

         Whether it is hearing a story from an elder, relative, child, or stranger, there is always some underlying message that can be learned.  You may not even realize what the lesson is at that exact moment, but later, it may speak volumes to you!

This plaque sits on my desk and reminds me that nomatter how much I may know… I am still learning, we are all still learning.  None of us on this earth is perfect or better than another… we are all still learning.

What is your favorite quote and why does it mean so much to you?

         I hope all is well!




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