What is Most Important to Me?

What is Most Important to Me?

Hi! My name is Kim and I will start out by telling a little about myself. I am a student at Boston College and am now in my second year here. I am studying Human Development and Chinese... I want to work with young children one day and use what I have learned here at school. My home is in San Francisco, California, which is quite far from Boston College, so I am almost always homesick (home is my favorite place in the world- there is so much to do!)

So the things that are most important to me are my friends and family. I miss my friends back home a lot while I am away at school, but we still talk everyday. They mean so much to me, and it has taken a good many years to find dependable and goodhearted people who I can call my friends. 

My family is also very important to me. My mom and my grandma are back home in San Francisco, and I love them very much. They are the ones I see the most. However, I have family in Peru that I do not get to see very often, but we communicate all the time. My great-grandma lives in Lima, Peru. Hopefully I can go visit her again this summer! 

These people are the most important to me. Without the people you care about, what would life be? I am interested in hearing about you and what is important to you, too!

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