What Is Most Important to Me

What Is Most Important to Me

The first day of college was the most nerve wrecking experience of my life. It was during the summer right after my senior year that I went through my first college experience. I was accepted into Boston College under the condition that I take a six-week summer course called Options Through Education (OTE). At first I was too thrilled at the fact that I had been accepted, and it wasn't until a few hours later that I realized I would be spending most of my summer out of high school at taking college courses. My friends from home were just as upset as I was when I told them the news because we had so many plans. 

Little did I know that the experience at OTE was the experience of a lifetime, and it created an easy transition into the College life. At OTE I met three of my best friends, two of whom I live with today. I thought coming into school it would be difficult to make friends, but I was happy to find out that I was mistaken. Damian, LaDante, Esteban and I clicked right away, and since then we have been great friends. 

It took me little time to realize that through this friendship life at BC was going to be more fun and smooth that I expected. When the school year came along, the four of us were fortunate enough to find another four guys with whom we clicked easy as well. Midway through our freshman year, while other people were scrambling to find people to live with the following year, the eight of us took it easy because we knew that the eight of us were going to live with each other. 

So now it is midway through my second year, and although there is only seven of us, our relationship is better than ever. We share the same interests in sports, music, movies, and pretty much everything else. We hang out together on the weekends, but there also times when we split up and do our separate things and we each respect that. 

Friendship has made my life and my college experience wonderful. Through my friendships I was able to be more open to others, and even do well in school. Fortunately my friends all share one important common goal, and that's to thrive academically while at BC. When one of us is slacking in class, someone else is right there to pick them up, by either going with the to the library or simply telling them to "keep their head up." This friendship has been one of the greatest experiences I've ever had, and I'm confident it is one that will last a lifetime. 

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