What is most important to me?

What is most important to me?

Life is all about the moments. The best moments in life are those moments of complete iridescence. They're also, almost always, simple moments: moments we take for granted. We often forget the importance that a single moment can carry. It takes but just one moment to meet a soul mate, enjoy a laugh, or pass on a smile. Too often simple moments like these easily pass us by unnoticed, overlooked, or forgotten.



I remember wrestling in the front yard, apple picking, the comfort of a warm maroon sweater, late night talks, carving my name into the wood siding of a local playground, shooting stars, June fifth, a train ride, a “camp-out” in the woods, sun tanning in Indiana...these are my moments. These are my most important memories. Within each of these moments, a bit of me resides. Each of these memories was shared with best friends, first loves, parents, and grandparents: all of the people that have tremendously shaped my life. All of the people whom I am proud to call “mine.” These moments represent what is most important to me in life: the journey.




Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has yet to unfold. All that we have to hold on to are the memories that have gotten us thus far: the same memories that will take us forward from here.


We don't know where we are going. From here, the future is an open road. It's easier said then done, to live life by the moments. Real life gets in the way too much. Try not to forget. Hold on dear to what you know to be true. What’s in your heart and your head represent the truest reality there is.


I read recently a quote, probably familiar to many, but it stuck with me :"A friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies". I think it's true. Life's not about where we are headed, it's about who we're heading there with.



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