What is important to me

What is important to me

Hi, my name is Kattia. I am 19 years old. I am in high school and in the 11th grade. What about you? I am living in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I have a lot of people in my family. Because I live at the orphanage, I have a lot of brothers and sisters. How many people do you have in your family? I love everything that is beautiful in nature. When I have time, I enjoy reading, watching television, talking with other people. and listening to music. I am a Christian. I was baptized last year on Christmas. When I am older, I would like to go to university to study to become a nurse. I want to be a nurse because I would like to help people and I think that helping others is a good thing. I like people who are simple, kind, like others, care for others. I like people who understand others. I think for all people God should be the most important because He loves us and He gave us life. I also think we should love God because of all of the things He has done for us. After God, the most important thing for me is other people and my friends. The sun, the rain, and the trees are important for me too. What are the things that are important for you?


Jesus loves you.




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