This is important, to me

This is important, to me


What does important mean?

Well, I would say that it is a word that only you can really define. To me I attribute the word “important” to many things, the first being family, then my friends, traveling, and photography, to name a few. I put all of these in the category of Love. I love my family, friends, I love traveling and photography. To me loving something makes it THE most important in my eyes and therefore it is important.

What is important to me may not be to you, and what you find important I may find unimportant. These differences are what keep the world moving. Difference is what fuels discussion and debate; it is also what educates people. Without difference we would live in a mundane world full of similar people loving the same things.

What is important to me is the importance of the word “importance” and it’s role in our every day lives.


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