I Must Make a Change

I Must Make a Change

When I think about what is important to me, I initially think that there must be many things on my list. But then I think a little bit longer... what is REALLY important to me? Of course, my family is one of the most important things. A large Italian family that is closely woven together and always in support of one another. My mother is also one of the most important things to me. A single mom stronger than anyone I know or have ever even heard of. A woman who has taught me how to be a woman myself, and who has inspired me to keep dreaming even when others are against me. My faith and God is important to me. It is my belief in God that has given me the strength to persevere through the hardest times in my life, as well as the courage to stand for all that I believe in and to fight for all that I want out of life.

So while all these things are held near to my heart, none of them are THE most important thing in my life. Rather, they make up the most important thing... my hopes, dreams, and determination to leave my mark on the world. Whether or not I leave a mark on every person in the whole or on just a couple of people does not matter, I will feel fulfilled regardless. It has always been important to me to at least be able to affect one person in a group, whatever the situation may be, and that holds true for me today. I want to do social work, fight for social justice, advocate for what is right and fair, and counsel those that are struggling in life with whatever their issues may be. This has not always been my goal in life, it is actually fairly new, an effect of recent changes that I have gone through and hard times that I have fought through. It came from growing up in age, but also from growing up emotionally. My views of the world and the people in it have changed, causing me to take a stand against all that I see wrong in the world. I have finally discovered all of my talents and gifts, and have been inspired to use them for the better good of all people. I have been driven to commit myself to others, a commitment which is much different than what I was ready to commit myself to just one year ago.

I never thought that I would hear my calling, but now I believe I have. What I have heard has caused the most important thing in my life to become my desire to help all of those in need that I am able to help, and to make the world a better place in whatever way I can.


It is YOUR world. YOU must make it the place YOU want it to be!

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