Concrete Meaning in the Rubber Pendulum

Concrete Meaning in the Rubber Pendulum


This picture and its accompanying quote speaks of each of the most important aspects of my life: family, education, and inner youth. This picture was taken at my grandparents’ farm in Maine. Every summer, I would go and stay for a week with my grandparents, beginning when I was about 8 years old. And every year, I would harass my Papa to hang a tire swing on the tree outside of the kitchen window– the branch was perfect, he had at least 3 spare tires, and every really great book had a tire swing (at least in my youthful opinion, anyways.) About 4 years ago, he finally did hang the tire swing… for me. His granddaughter who visits a couple of times a year, and 70% of the time it is too snowy to use the tire swing when I visit. But he hung it for me.

This is how the quote ties in: my Papa truly understands how much the details in life affect children and adolescents, and despite the fact that I would rarely be around to use the tire swing, he took the effort to find a perfectly sized tire, drill a hole through, wrap a sturdy rope swing around and through the tire and about the strongest branch he could find for me. This trait is not unique to my Papa, and the affection and devotion in which I am engulfed by my family is a constant reminder of how important they are to me. Their behaviour towards me has shaped me into a similarly caring and conscious young adult, and I believe that this has influenced my career choice.

I desire nothing more than to teach, because I feel that it is the occupation most pivotal in the shaping of the future. In this way, the quote speaks to education, another of the most important aspects of my life.

The final most important aspect of my life is the maintenance of my ‘inner child’. I believe that people are truly unhealthy when they stifle their inner child. I realise that this can be a vague term; my definition of the inner child consists of the willingness to laugh, to savor friendships, to wonder at the world, and to indulge in the simple pleasures of life so often overlooked as unimportant by the more ‘responsible’ members of society. The picture makes me think of my childhood, and the quote reminds me to not only nurture the children in my family or in my classrooms, but my inner child as well.

This is the reasoning I used in choosing both this picture and this quote to define the most important aspects of my life. 


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