A Human Importance to Me

A Human Importance to Me

“Only when one is touching by suffering does one understand humanity.”

This quote, given to me by a premier Catholic theologian and human rights activist, speaks to what is important to me. Throughout my college experience, I have come to learn that service is a huge importance in my life. Some of my most defining experiences during my college career have been centered around service. 

Service is not simply going to help others. In fact, it is a complicated, active, and thoughtful process. Service is a learning experience that is to be undertaken with an open mind, heart, and body. I view my service opportunities as a way to step out of my lifestyle and culture and enter into one that is completely different from my own, allowing me to “spend a day” in another man’s shoes.

There is much suffering in the world. But just as joy and happiness are a part of the human experience, so too are suffering and hardship. My service experiences have taught me to step outside my comfort zone and challenge my thoughts and ideas, so that I may take a single step towards alleviating poverty and suffering in the world. With every step that I take, I hope to bear others’ suffering and walk with them, so that we may all rise to joy and happiness together. Service brings together people and parts of the world that are distant in so many ways, allowing us to realize that we are all neighborhoods in a common human experience. 


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