Hi! I'm Annie attending a college in Boston. Writing postcards to you, although I don't know anything about you yet, is an exciting experience for me not only because you will be my first penpal ever. It's also quite intriguing to write online. Despite the convenience of technology, I sometimes prefer receiving handwritten letters. So, though I can't promise you when it's going to be, but I will write a postcard by hand! Just to tell you a little bit about myself, I am studying in the states and it has been 6 years since I moved to North America. I went to a high school in Canada and spent my amazing high school years there. Moving to Canada at age of 13, I think I was too young and too excied to realize what it really meant to be away from home. As years went on, not only did I see all the good things I have got out from studying abroad, but also I realized that I was missing a lot of things with my own family. I lived with my friend and her mom who I can call my family, other than my biological family. While I was building such a close rapport with them, I was spending less and less time with my own family. Although I go back home during summers and christmas holidays, I used to feel like 3 months of spending time with family is a short period of time compared to the other 9 months I spend abroad. Nevertheless, family is one thing I look forward to when I go back home.

The words on the image are those that describe what family means to me personally. The reason I can still be studying away from home and be able to write this to you right now is because my family have supported me. As I have described earlier, I think my high school years were excellent, full of memories with friends and opportunities to have new experiences such playing field hockey and competing in a dance competition. Nevertheless, it is not to say that there weren't difficult times. When I was feeling insecure and uncertain, I always knew that at least my family has trust in me wherever I was and whatever I was doing. Even when my parents sometimes say thing that I don't want to hear, ultimately they are the ones who truly unconditionally love and support me. They are the safety nets which is why I can fall back and get up on my feet. And it was probably because of such support that I had from my family, although I did not know consciously, that I could make a life-changing decision to go abroad.

When I think of the word, family, I also think of my future family - my future husband and my own kids. Though it may sound unnatural, when I think about my future kids, they become motivation for me to reach for my goals more rigorously because I want to be able to provide my own children with the same, if not better, oppotunities I had as a child. I mean who does want to raise their own kids well? I feel like all the hard works I put in to my studying aren't entirely for my own. Perhaps, some of it is for my future family, kids. When I think about this, I do feel more compelled to work hard and construct my future more solidly.

Family -- whether they are positive or negative influence or whether you're thinking of your present family or future -- is immensely influential in one's life, both biologically and emotionally. I think it is the first, the most direct social network to which one is exposed since birth. Although there are stories we hear about children being improperly treated at homes, I hope that all children can get good, strong support from their families and perhaps experience a little bit of trouble too.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading my postcard and I look forward to reading yours! 


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