Hello!!!  My name is Nicole or Nikki as my friends call me... let me tell you a bit about myself... I am 21 years old and a college student at Boston College studying to be a Spanish high school teacher.  I have one brother (who also attends Boston College) who is 20 years old and a fifteen year-old sister who is in high school.  My mother is a teacher and my father works in advertising.  I'm sure you can see from the picture I sent you, but I also have a dog named Bennie (I'm the one holding him in the picture and he's a lot heavier than he looks!).  This picture of my brother, sister and I was taken on Cape Cod, which is a part of Massachusetts - where I am from.  In fact, we were standing in the backyard of someone else's house while my mother took the picture - oops!  I guess we just couldn't pass on the view!  Ever since I can remember, I have been visiting Cape Cod with my family every year.  It's a very special place that I can go to relax, go to the beach, and enjoy time with my family.  

Enjoying time with my family is the most important thing to me.... it is one of the most important values that I have, even though they often drive me nuts : )  I'm also half Italian and half Spanish, so as you might imagine my family and I are all very loud and we argue quite frequently, but we're also always there when one another needs help or support.  To me, relationships are everything... I put almost all my effort into making sure that my friends and family know that I care deeply about them because it's the best feeling in the world to know that someone cares for you.  I'll end with one of my favorite quotes about family from Elbert Hubbard: "No matter what you've done for yourself or for humanity, if you can't look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?"  I like this quote because it measures the value of a person not by the number of grand and monumental acts they achieve, but rather by how they have treated their own family.  Anyways, enough about me... how about you?  Can you tell me about yourself at all and what is most important to you?  Let me know if there are any other questions you would like me to answer and I look forward to hearing from you! : )


Talk to you soon (or in Spanish, "hasta muy pronto"),



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