Hi! How are you?! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be writing to you!                    

My name is Tamara and I am currently studying in a University called Boston College,                                                                                                                                                                                            

which is in the United States of America.  I’m studying to be a school teacher. Although I live in Boston now, I come from a beautiful and vibrant city called Bombay, which is in India.I moved to the United States only a month ago, so as you can imagine I miss my home terribly. There are so many things that I miss, like my friends, the food which was always spicy! But most of all I miss my family. I miss my Mom the most, she’s a doctor  and she takes care of people who are sick with cancer. I have two older brothers and one older sister, so that makes us four kids and I’m the youngest! Do you have any brothers or sisters? Being the youngest meant that I’ve always been looked after and protected. It’s nice to know that someone who really loves you is looking out for you.

We also have a dog that I love dearly. His name is Ginnuss and he’s a big beautiful nine year old boxer.    Isn’t he adorable?!

As I mentioned before I’m studying be a teacher. I also work for a few hours in a week, just to make some money. I like to read in my spare time. I like novels and I also like watching TV. My favorite book is Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon and my favorite TV show is House. I also love listening to music and Jim Morrisson from the Doors is my all time favorite singer. What do you like to do during your free time?   

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this letter as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.  I would like to leave you with these few lines on family which speaks to me,  “No one is ever born into Life alone. Everyone has shared the bond of family, at least at birth, and for many people it is a bond that will follow them throughout life. For many people it is the most important bond of all”  - Unknown.


Hoping to hear from you soon,





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