where i'm from

I’m from townies and McDonald’s,
from mustard-covered pickles thrown at a manager’s back.
I’m from Diet Coke addictions and skipped college graduations,
from two high school sweethearts.

I’m from grandma’s house is just downstairs,
from Someone needs to bring down her paper!
I’m from tentative knocks and weary sighs,
from much resented hearing aids.

I’m from Small Fry and It’s with a Y,
from Epi-pens and albuterol.
I’m from somber talks about dire things,
from modern art and ‘Ellooo!

I’m from Superman and shattered knees,
from stolen sea creatures from marine reserves.
I’m from Remember that time when mom dot dot dot,
from one-day trips to Maine.

I'm from wedding bells and Grizzly Bear,
from three graduations in one long week.
I’m from colleges only within twenty minutes,
from a not quite empty nest.

I’m from this and I’m from that,
from him and her and them.
I’m from there and I’m from here,
but mostly I’m from family.

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