My name is Salome.  I am very excited to be writing postcards to you and to be a part  of this experience!  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I work at an elementary school as a school social worker helping and supporting the children and families in this community.  I truley love my job!

 When I think of what is most important to me the first thing that pops into my head is my family and friends.  My family has inspired me to reach for my dreams, and to work hard for what I want out of life.  They are loving, caring, supportive and always there when I need them.  They are great!

 My friends are awsome too!  We do so much together: go to the beach, talk, laugh, listen to music, travel, you name it we do it!  Like my family, my friends are always there for me I enjoy the time we spend together-Good Times.

 I think its also important to enjoy life with hobbies and fun activities, that you love to do.  I like to dance, take photos, watch the snow fall, see the trees change colors, going to the movies, and eating yummy food-I never take these for granted. 

 I try to live by the values that are most important to me: helping others, being positive, determined, honest, loyal, and supportive to those around me. I hope this postcard finds you well-I'm eager to hear back from you!

 Take Care-

     Salome Briceno


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