The Three keys to Societal Peace

The Three keys to Societal Peace

I think there are three major components to establishing peace in the ideal society: Cooperative learning and education, respect and celebration of diversity, and good communication.

The first step to living in a peaceful society is participating in cooperative learning and education. I have come to find that learning is a social activity. No one ever learned anything alone. One must have a real conversation with another person in order to truly learn something new. Conversations that we learn from take place when we converse with people we are directly connected to like family members or peers, with people who we are unfamiliar with, or with authors or artists who have written books, newspapers, or films. By having conversations about the great questions of human existence with a variety of conversation partners from ever category we gain knowledge and respect for the opinions and views of others.

Once we have gained a certain level of knowledge and respect for others we can take the first step to establish peace despite our differences. By learning about new perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and stories we can come to respect diversity. Once we come to respect diversity we may even grow to celebrate it. If we can learn to celebrate the diversities of the world we will have reached an even higher level of peace.

Once we have gained knowledge and respect for diversity we can begin to understand the many differences that cause tension in the world. By understanding differences we can begin to communicate on a level that is more peaceful than the present day. We can see where our points of contention stem from and we can put ourselves in the shoes of our antagonist. An improvement in social learning, respect of diversity, and communication in our world would go a long way in establishing a new and better kind of peace.

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