My Greatest Strength is my Perseverance

My Greatest Strength is my Perseverance

My Greatest strength is my perseverance.

Naturally there are points in time where I find myself sad and stressed out but no matter what I always find a way to push through and in the end it is always worth it.  

When it comes to my family I never give up.  I always push to make them happy and proud and I always stand up for them.  There are times when we argue or disagree but all in all I always go through the hard times and keep my head high knowing that no matter why we disagree we will always get through it and we will always be family.  

When it comes to my friends, times can be so much fun and other times can be hard.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not relating to anyone or that I cant express myself well and sometimes it gets so stressful that we end up fighting.  No matter how upset this makes me, all of us always find a way to work things our and talk about our problems.  I never give up on one of my friends and we always end up happier than before with an even stronger friendship.  

When it comes to my academic life, things can be especially tough.  Sometimes I don't always get the highest grades or best teachers but I always have to make the most of it.  In the end I want to go to graduate school and get a good job that I am happy with and that I am proud of, however at times I really do feel like the road ahead is going to be too difficult and I'll never be able to do it.  Sometimes I do poorly on a test or feel like I'll never pass the class but in the end I manage to put my head on straight and chug through all of the work.  

In my life, I will admit that I am pessimistic and feel like giving up but after I truly think about it I realize everything that is possible in the future.  No matter what obstacles i continue to face or no matter how hard life seems to be I always manage to keep going and I never give up and I know that I never will.  

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