My Greatest Strength

My Greatest Strength

When I sat down to write this postcard, asking myself “what am I most proud of and what is my greatest strength?” turned out to be more of a feat than I anticipated. The  truth is, I believe that I, like many people, have a number of “strengths.” I like to think myself to be skilled at tennis, photography, painting, singing, and school work. However, none of these skills struck me as “my greatest strength.” They all seem too typical, too tangible, and too boring to define what is the most important part of my being.


Discouraged by the idea that my greatest attribute might be in hitting a ball over a net, I decided to think a little bit deeper about the person I am and what defines my character. I came to the conclusion that my greatest strength cannot be found on a score board, a report card, or a trophy. My greatest strength is in an intangible skill: it is something within me.


The fearless and adventurous, young-hearted nature within me is my greatest strength. I am truly most proud, out of anything I have set out to do, of the person I have become. I think that, like most people, I have faced trying times in my life, however, I did not let them crush me or alter the person I strove to become. Instead, I let the happy times and the trying times help me learn about myself.


I am not perfect, but I am good-hearted. I will always be there for the people that matter to me. I can keep any secret. I make a wonderful shoulder to cry on. I am loyal. I am unafraid to defend what I hold dear: my family, my friends, my passions, my beliefs, and myself. I am not always right but I try to do the right thing. I will listen to anything that anyone has to say to me. I ream up crazy things sometimes. I am adventurous and rambunctious and unafraid to be myself.


These are the qualities that define my greatest strength. They are what make me me and they are what I am most proud of in myself. 

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