Daddy's Girl

Daddy's Girl

My dad, Christopher Clark Murray, is my hero.

He is the most compassionate, fun, charming and generous man I've ever met. My dad is my hero because of the amazing life he has provided for my mother, five sisters, brother and I, by working so hard day in and day out. He is my hero because he raised his first two children, my half siblings, by himself and provided them with a beautiful life. My dad is my hero because he is the most supportive and motivating person I know, and is what keeps me driving for success. My dad is my hero because he comes to visit Boston College every chance he gets just to spend time with me.

My dad is most importantly my hero because he beat cancer last fall. When I first found out my dad had stage 9, advanced, prostate cancer I was devastated, and debated skipping my freshman year at Boston College. With the assurance that he'd be just fine, my Dad dropped me off at BC and proceeded home to get the most important surgery of his life. After months went by, the doctors reassured us that he'd be perfectly healthy, and I'd never felt so happy in my life to know that my best friend would be around for years to come.

He is the best man I've ever met, and I could not ask for a better daddy. I love you, dad!

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