Superhero Grandma!!!

Superhero Grandma!!!


My hero can’t fly, she doesn’t have x-ray vision, she can’t lift a car over her head with one hand, and she is very scared of snakes, but my hero is amazing. She is my grandma.

My grandma may not be able to lift her car over her head, but she still has super strength. She is fighting a battle with a cancer called lymphoma and as of now she is winning. Throughout her time in chemotherapy, she remained strong. She tried her hardest to do what she did every day before she was diagnosed. Now she is gaining back stamina so she is able to cook lasagna for us just like before. My grandma’s struggle with cancer was hard for all of us, but especially for her personally. She was such an independent woman and she has struggled during her battle with cancer because she couldn’t be independent, she did not have the stamina to go to the grocery store or cook dinner for herself without becoming exhausted. Even through this time of adversity my grandma kept optimistic. She got frustrated, but knew it the struggle would be worth it in the end.

But my grandma is not my hero just because she is winning a battle with cancer. She was an independent woman, who married a wonderful man and had four wonderful sons. Unfortunately my grandfather got very sick when my father was 16, so they all picked up and left New Rochelle, New York and moved to sunny California so my grandpa could be in the warm weather all year. During this time my grandma found a job working with computers (with which she had very little experience with) an accounting firm called Price Waterhouse and Cooper (PwC). She worked hard all the time she was there and eventually became a very knowledgeable and respected employee. During this time all four of her sons were still living at home, the oldest must have been 19 at the time and the youngest 15. It must have been pretty crazy to have four teenage boys in one house! My grandma and grandpa made sure they stayed out of trouble even while my grandpa was struggling. My grandfather passed away about six years later. It was a very hard time for everyone, my mom and dad had been married for about a year and found out they were pregnant with my older sister just before he passed away. Shortly after my grandpa passed away, my grandma and the remaining three sons moved to a new house where she lives now.

No matter how hard it gets, my grandma is always there fighting. She is fighting to be alive now, she has fought for her sons to have a good life, and she has fought for her husband. My grandmother Judy DePersis is truly an amazing person. I love so much and I am so lucky to have her as my grandmother. My grandma is my hero. 


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