My Hero

My Hero

Who is My Hero?

In my own life, my hero is my cousin, Lizzy.

I admire my cousin and I always have. From a very young age, I idealized her, seeking to be like her in every sense of the word. Lizzy was my protector. She was everything that I was lacking and she loved me for everything that I was, no matter what. 

My favorite memory of Lizzy took place when I was about five years old and Liz was around seven. We were at our family’s beach home in Spring Lake, New Jersey. The whole family went out to the beach one morning. The waves were very rough. I was scared to go in the ocean. I remember crying. Then I saw Lizzy go in, fearless and laughing. She called out to me, “Come on sissy,” she said, “nothing will happen to you, I’m here.” So on her command I went in the water. By the safety of my cousin, nothing happened to me. 

Lizzy passed away on June 5th, 2005. She was seventeen years old.

I know it sounds laughable, but to this day, out of all the memories I have of my cousin I cherish the Spring Lake memory the most. It reminds me of the level of comfort and security that I felt with her. Lizzy was a hero in my eyes from the moment I was old enough to talk. The best part: She never really did anything to fit the conventional definition of “heroism.” She was just my best friend, my protector, and she showed me unconditional love…even when I was a “sissy.” She’s my hero. 


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