I'm Youdemie Meralus Bernard. I'm in 13
th grade. I have three sisters, on is older than me. I'm adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Bernard. In my free time I like to sing even if I don't have a good voice. I like to dance, read, sleep, talk, listen to the radio, play and cook. I don't have favorite food,i like all food that tastes good.

Who is my hero? I have many heroes. God is my first hero because he loved me, he loves me and he will always love me. He saved my life. He let me bcome his daughter. He always is close to me and never leaves me alone. My mom and my father are my second heroes even if they are not alive. After them it's my daddy and my mom, the Bernards, be cause they give me another chance to have a familly and because they take care of me and give me the opportunity to finish my secondary school and go to college. My fourth heroes are my friends who love me so much.

It was a pleasure to write to you. i want to know who is your hero too.
God Bless,


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