Hi, my name is Kattia. I'm 19 years old. I'm in 11th grade. How about you?

I'm living in an orphanage. I have many sisters and brothers. How many people you have in your family? I was baptized last year on Christmas. I like people who like others, who care about others, who understand and like to help others. I'd like to be a nurse because I would like to help and I think helping others is a good thing.

I like to watch t.v, read, listen to music and I also like to listen to people who are talking. I like music, flowers, trees, a nice sunset and a
nice sunrise.

The most important person for me is God. He's my hero because he is my creator and my guide. I think that everybody should love him because he has done so much for you and for the world. The most important things for me are the sun,the trees, and the rain.

May God Bless You.

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