How are you? I’m doing pretty good thanks to God. I’m Argentine Joseph Bernard and I’m 20. I’m a Haitian girl who is so friendly, kind, thankful, and generous. I am finished with high school and pretty soon, I’m going to college. I’m a smart girl.

I love Jesus so much and I love Him because He's my father, my Savior, my Creator, my friend and so on. With HIM, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. God is my hero. The best hero that I ever known and met. I can't wait to meet Him in heaven but I still want to live.

My favorite colors are blue and green. I like Blue because of the ocean and green because of nature. I love nature alot. I love to listen to the birds singing and love to watch them flying in the sky. I love sunset and sunrise. At home, when I stay on top of the roof, I can see the sunset and the sunrise perfectly. I love to drink natural juice such as orange juice, mango juice, lemonade and so on.

And you, who's your hero?

In my next letter, you'll know more about me, things I like and dislike, my dreams for the future and goals and so on. It was a pleasure to write to you and talk a little bit about myself.

May God bless you and may all your dreams come true.

Lots of Love,



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