Dear Friend,

I hope you're doing well and that you enjoyed my first postcard! I'm sorry I'm not a better artist!

My hero and favorite person in this world is my mom. She is and has been a school teacher for about thirty five years. Not only is she a great mom, but a great person as well. She loves to make people happy and will do whatever she can to do so. She helps me out in any way that she can. Whenever I am in a bad mood or upset about something, she will always be able to cheer me up. Whenever something really good happens to me, she is the first person I want to tell the good news to.

She is a great inspiration to me. She has gone through some hard things in her life, but she is still positive and upbeat. She is the only person who supports me one hundred percent in everything I do. I know I can always count on my mom for anything. This is why she is my hero. I hope that when I grow up and have children, I can be just as amazing as her.

Hopefully I'll get to read something from you soon! Have a good week in school!

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