I hope you have been doing well; I can't wait to hear back from you and learn all about your life!

Today I am writing to share with you a story about my heroes. The Merriam-Webster dictionary offers this definition of hero: "an object of extreme admiration and devotion." I have two heroes: my mother and my father. I think a lot of people consider their parents to be their heroes, which makes sense since they are often the people you spend the most time with, and, as a result, you learn many lessons from them.

My mother's name is Nancy, and I have lived with her my entire life, up until I moved to college. I am an only child, so I do not have any siblings. As a result, my mom and I have grown very close. My parents are divorced, and have been since I was two years old, so that makes my mother a single mom. This means that she has more financial strain than a lot of other parents because the money in our family comes from one working parent instead of the usual two. My mom never let me down growing up; it did not matter that we did not have a ton of money because she was the greatest mom I could have ever asked for. I have watched her handle a lot of different things in life that have been hard, and for that, I consider her an inspiration, a mentor, and my hero.

My father's name is Jose, and he is from Peru, a country in South America where he grew up until he was 21 and came to United States. He came here intending to get a better education, but it was really difficult for him to do so while also adjusting to a new culture, and especially a new language. Despite this, my father was successful working as a truck driver and a landscaper. He was able to save enough money to pay for me to go a very good school - Boston College. My father is truly a "self-made man," meaning that he worked his way up starting with very little. Fortunately, even though I did not live with my father growing up, I was able to see him every week, and we have a very strong relationship. Like my mother, I consider him an inspiration and a hero.

Who inspires you in your life? Who is YOUR hero? I look forward to hearing back from you!

Take care!


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