I could not choose just one hero to have...  In my opinion, heroes are people who over come adversity and decide to turn a negative into a positive.  You may be one of my heroes too! 

The people closest to me, who are my personal heroes, are my mother, brother, grandparents, and a great family friend.   All of whom have overcome adversity in their lives and always remain positive and inspirational.  Life is full of challenges... Most are unavoidable... However for me and those around me, we have always taken every challenge and tried to make it into a learning experience.  I was fortunate enough to have some pretty incredible examples around me.  People who set family as their highest priority and sacrificed much to make sure their family had enough, learned enough, and realized what life is really about.  I feel that I was provided with the tools necessary to live life as a strong, wise individual.  At their core of who they are and were was a great sense of pride, respect, and love.

Some key characteristics that I have learned about my heroes are: dignity, self respect, persistence, curiosity (always wanting to learn more from others and the world around you), love, support, respect for others, and many other skills that have helped me to become the person I am today. 

Heroes and inspiration can come in many different forms.  Some are superheroes in comic books, movies, or on tv.  Oftentimes, if you keep your eyes open to the world around you there may be a hero at your side or in your path.  They are the kinds of people who will touch your life in a way that makes you a better person or pushes you harder to accomplish your dreams and goals.  Who is your hero today?

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