My Strengths

My Strengths

      The strengths that I possess are being a good friend, roommate, student, teammate, and caring for my pet dog. These qualities are important to my personality because I believe that if I am a good friend, I will have good friends. Being a good friend to me means listening to what the other person is saying, hanging out with that person, and sharing your life with them. A good roommate entails talking often, eating dinner together, and just being there for one another.

     Being a hard working student is a strength for me because I want to be successful in life, so I put in a lot of effort to study and do work because I want to earn high grades. Academics go a long way in society, so by reading materials for classes and attending classes, I work towards being a strong student.

      I am a dependable teammate because members of my team can get in touch with me easily. I make myself available to all of the girls, especially the younger ones, who might want advice. This is a strength because I help my teammates in the same way that they are there for me.

      Taking care of my dog is a strength for me because I want her to be happy. Walking my dog gives her the exercise she needs and lets her use up her energy. I love playing with my dog and spending time with her because she is loyal and important to me.



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