My Greatest Strength

My Greatest Strength

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My greatest strength is my determination. I am never the smartest, the fastest, the strongest, but because of my determination I am able to succeed. I won’t stop until I have reached my goal and because of that I have gone farther than most people would have expected me too.

In fourth grade I was diagnosed with a learning ability that made it difficult for me to simple tasks like read and write. My learning disability has been a constant struggle in my life but I promised myself it would never stop me from doing something I wanted to. When it came time to apply to college, there was little encouragement from my school to even consider getting into Boston College. But once my mind is made up there is little you can do to try and stop me. I was determined to get into Boston College, and determined to succeed at Boston College, despite my learning disability.

This is my second year now at Boston College and it’s everything I had hoped for. If I had given up and listened to everyone around me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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