You are a wonderful artist.  I really loved the church and the cow you drew.  I am glad that you believe education is important.  So do I!  I also think it is great that you take care of animals.  The only animal I take care of is a dog.  Also, you are very correct that friends are important because they guide.  I always talk to my friends when I need help and guidance.  They are my biggest support!


My greatest strength is my ability to laugh.


I consider this my greatest strength because it can help me get past trying times in my life.  If I can laugh when things are hard, I know things will be ok.  Laughing also helps me to take my life less seriously.  If I am ever stressed or frustrated, I can laugh and my problems start to fade away.  One of my favorite sayings is: “They key to true happiness is laughter”.  I find it is so true.  If you are ever feeling sad or frustrated, do something that makes you laugh and you will find yourself feeling better soon!


Carson K.

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