Hello!  It was so good to hear from you!  I had a little trouble reading your name - is it Denish?  I really liked your drawings of rabbits on your last postcard.  You will have to tell me more about why they are so important to you, I am very interested to know!  I hope you have enjoyed some of my postcards so far.  A lot of things I have written about involve my family because I am very close to them.  I am excited to learn more about you in the near future!

My greatest strengths I would have to say are my loyalty to others, my compassion, my ability to understand people and the way I love those who are close to me.  I live my life with my heart on my sleeve.  I have trouble hiding my emotions, whether I am happy, sad, frustrated, in love, stressed out or excited.  Anyone who knows me knows that they can tell what kind of mood I am in just by looking at me.  I take pride in my ability to understand people and be compassionate when they are hurting or in pain.  I am also a very loyal friend, sister, daughter and girlfriend.  I believe that trust is the foundation for all good relationships.  When I love someone, whether it is a boyfriend or a family member or a friend, I do it with my whole heart.  I love deeply and honestly, and consider myself very lucky to have loved so many people in my life.  I look forward to hearing all about your strengths!  Talk to you soon!

Your Friend,


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