Strength can be something that can build and grow from the inside out.
All of the values and goals that you have for yourself on the inside will help to guide you to achieving great successes in your life every day!

Inner Strength is a force that works inside of you to overcome challenges in your daily life.  It can be something that comes from a source that inspires or encourages you.  Family and friends around you can also bring strength=2 0to your life.

My greatest strengths are my family supports and my inner passion to pursue education, honor myself, and help others through all that I learn in my travels and explorations of academics and life.  My passion to fulfill my life’s purpose every day is the force that pushes me further to always do my best for myself and for others.

Strength is something that makes you strong.   But it must be a positive force that pushes you to achieve your greatest potential.

Strength in mind, body, and soul.  This strength will illuminate you from the inside out and shine through your goodness and purposeful path.  Each stride you make helps you to gain strength.

We are all in this together my friends and we must grow together through strength, love, kindness, and harmony.

My greatest strengths are having respect for the relationships that I value most and for myself.  My family, my education, and my friends, including you!

Be strong and know that you can do anything you set your mind to!


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