Hello again!  It's getting cold here in Boston.  Last week we even had a few snowflakes.  Pretty soon it will be time to break out my winter coat and comfy winter boots.  I love this time of year though.  Everything here is changing.  The leaves on the trees have turned all shades of red and gold and started falling off the trees.  The tree outside my window right now is almost completely bare.  When you walk outside the leaves that have already fallen crunch beneath your feet and the air smells cold and crisp.  What are the seasons like where you are?  I love this time of year because it is also starting to be the holiday season, which means I will get to see all of my family soon.  I live about 1000 miles away from my parents and my sister, so it is only around the holidays that I buy a plane ticket and fly back home to see them.  Some day I would like to live near them again, but for now I am very happy here in Boston studying. 

That sort of brings up the next question we were given: What are my dreams for the future?  I have a lot of dreams.   To begin wtih, once I finish studying and get my masters I would like to be a teacher again.  I used to teach a few years ago, but stopped so that I could go back to school myself.  I love being in a classroom and helping my students figure out new ways to solve problems.  The children I teach usually have some type of trouble learning, so it is my job to help them learn to see the world in a different way.  We work together on assignements to figure what the best way for them to complete the work is.  Every student I have has had a different life and therefore looks at the world very differently than the person sitting next to them in class.  Because of this they aren't always able to finish their school work in the exact same way as all their classmates.  I want to someday have a classroom where I am able to let all of my students learn in the exact way that is best for them, not simply the way I have told them to learn like my teachers used to do.

I also dream of falling in love and getting married.  I have always wanted to have a big family.  Even though I want to work and I am studying for my degree right now, I know some day I will leave that part behind and start my own family.  I can't imagine anything more wonderful than watching my child grow up.  I want to have a big house where they could play in the backyard and a big kitchen where I could make them cupcakes.  Haha thats pretty much all I know how to make!  Family has been a very important part of my life and it will be great to add onto the wonderful one I am already a part of.  My friends and I joke about how much fun it will be when we all start having kids and are able to take them on trips together and watch them become friends as well.  I really can't wait to have a family.

My main dream for the future is to simply be happy.  It is something that I pray for every night.  Here we have a superstition that when the clock is at 11:11 you are supposed to make a wish, and if you do it at the exact right moment it will come true.  Any time I catch the clock at 11:11 i wish for happiness.  When I am in Hawaii it is tradition to be presented with a lei ( a necklace of flowers strung together on string).  At the end of our visit my family takes our leis out to the edge of the water, we think of what you hope for in the coming year, and then toss them in.   Every year I have hoped for happiness for all those who I love.  Basically, material things can come and go.  People will shift in and out of your life.  But if you can find true happiness, in any form, that is something you can hold forever.  

I hope you are well and I can't wait to hear back from you!



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