Hi! How are you?! I hope all is well with you and your family.

As you know by now, I am studying to be a teacher at Boston College. One of my dreams is to be a good teacher right here in the United States. I want to be a Biology teacher and when I graduate from college I hope to find a job here so I don’t have to go back to India ie the country of my birth. I plan on staying here, not because I don’t love where I come from but because there is more opportunity in the United States and you have a chance to live the life that you want to. What do you plan on becoming once you grow up? And why? Is there any reason for it?

I also have dreams of owning a nice house and having a family and also a dog or maybe two! I love dogs! I also hope that everyone in my family ie my mom, sister and brothers are healthy and happy in the years to come and that all of us will be blessed with good families and good jobs.

I also really love to travel, so maybe when I make some money I can travel around the world. Italy, Egypt and Greece are the three countries that I would really love to see. Do you like to travel? Are there any countries that you would like to see when you grow up?

My mom always told me to try and live in the present but also always have dreams for the future. She also always told me to dream big, “Reach for the stars and at least you’ll get the tree tops” she used to say! She always said that mistakes are to be made and the lesson is not, not to make mistakes but rather to learn from them.

I think just like anybody else I worry about the future. What’s going to happen? Will I be happy? Will I earn a good living? I think it’s important for us to just focus on now and always have faith in the future. One of my mottos in life is “Everything happens for a Reason”. No matter what the future brings: pain and sorrow or happiness and joy we should be grateful and also have faith in ourselves that we can overcome any obstacles and believe that there is something worth living for.

Your journey starts here it starts now
Your future is in your hands and know one shows you how
To make it, unfold, and have it turn out what you want it to be
Not anybody, not me
Take it a step at a time
Even if your plans are stopped on a dime
Be careful, and listen, learn from your mistakes
Because one day you'll advance on the choices you make
Your future is here, your future is now
But don't worry, you'll show yourself how
Mathew Miller

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