Thinking about the future is such an uncertain thing.

From my perspective it is only the present, as in right now that we have any control over. 

In terms of deciding what is happening around us, we may not have much control. This is often something that frightens me.  

Living in a world where no matter how careful or focused I am it may not matter orchange the outcomes of the world around me.

However we call today the present… because it is just that… A Present.

I sometimes step outside of myself and know that there is an ultimate journey that I must embark upon in this life. 


Even though there are sometimes negative influences that challenge us day to day…

 we must realize that we have control over our perspective and outlook on life. 

Wecan embrace each moment and hope for the best by living in the moment.  

A famous psychologist calls this “Flow” 1

which allows us to pretty much go with the flow.


Much like the tides and changes in the ocean with the waves

bringing in the water and washing away the shores…

we too can ride the waves (whether positive or negative situations in life)

and let the flow of life allow for ever-changing circumstances that can produce limitless possibilities!

With an optimistic and positive outlook we can see the bigger picture and a greater force can bring about POSITIVE CHANGE too!

I hope that my positive force for change can help to bring about better opportunities for families and the youth of our world to realize the limitless possibilities that the world has to offer!

What is your dream for the future… how do you think you can impact our world!?

Peace and Love, 






1. Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1990).  Flow.  NY: HarperCollins Publishers.

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