Words of Advice

By Kathy, Age 17

To All the People from New Orleans:

First of all, I want to let you guys know that you are not alone because people just me are here to help you in every way we can. There are thousands of people who are lending a hand to help all of you. I know it’s been really hard loosing all of your property and even loved ones, but we have to be strong and stand together as one nation. Being together as a nation will help us build once again the beautiful New Orleans. Nobody deserves what happened, but God always remembers to give us the strength to continue life and move on to be a better person learning from the past.

By Francis, Age 16

We Shall Overcome

Waking up in the morning thinking about you, tears roll down my cheeks not knowing what will befall the next day. Thinking about this disaster brought nothing but sadness upon my soul. But sometimes in my heart tells me there is hope. So don’t give up, for help is on the way and with God on our side, we shall overcome.