By Meredith P.

Walls: oh how dear they are! Forever faithful; they are witness to your life. They attend every party, stay up late every night to wait for you to come home, and are stable through all joys and sorrows that may come to a house. Rain or shine, hail or hurricane, they are there, structuring your life. Mine, however, were ruthlessly amputated; knocked out; expunged; completely defenseless. My walls, my foundations, suffered (if at all possible for a wall) through their own horrid nightmare. They were abandoned, helpless, in a dark, wet house, vulnerable to the stagnant, spore-filled pool of watery death; left to rot for weeks. Until that fateful day: the day when my walls evacuated. When the workers were through, my walls were bare; stripped naked and left a skeleton to the world, never to be seen again. A transparent reminder of my own feeling of defenselessness.