By Oshea C., Age 12

Violence is a word of hatred, to me a word that makes you to your stomach. There are places all around the world full of violence. The places I think have the most violence include Roxbury, Blue Hill, Mattapan, Dorchester, Compton, and our war today taking place in Iraq. Violence is always around you. It even makes me scared to play outside with my friends, but if I stand against violence and stay strong I can do anything. If there is one person I know who can talk to me about violence it is my brother. He was shot once in the cheek and twice in the back. After months went by, he had regained his strength and got himself a job. After a while he was accused of stealing money from a bank, but was innocent by fingerprint proof. That story tells me no matter what violence comes your way; you know you can avoid it.