The Weekend my Life was Turned Upside-Down

By Emma F.

My name is Emma F. and I am a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. I went to school on Friday and went to the Zephyrs game that night. On the way home from the game, my grandma called us and told us to pack up and evacuate! We made reservations in Alexandria, Louisiana. We thought we would pack and come back in three days. We didn’t pack that much. We started out to Alexandria. We watched the news and the hurricane kept going from a category 4 to a category 5. A 5 is the worst! We were waiting for the hurricane to pass. After the hurricane hit it was a category 5 and went to a 4! New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama were destroyed! My family and I stayed in Alexandria and so did my aunt and uncle. We left there after a week and went to Plano, Texas to live with my aunt and start a new school. My new school there was called Frankford Middle School and my sister went to Shepton High School. My dog, Co-Co, was so scared he wouldn’t eat for a while. On the first day of school my sister and I were so nervous because our parents weren’t there. They had to go to our house in New Orleans to see if it was ok. They were only allowing people in on these two days so they had to go. We didn’t like our schools at all and we didn’t want to tell our aunt and cousin that because they loved our schools. So every night my sister and I would sit there and talk to each other and try to make each other feel better. We tried to hold the crying in so that the other person wouldn’t cry but we couldn’t. Our parents came back and told us that our house had damage to the roof. My mom and dad’s room was messed up and so was their bathroom. We had to decide what to do. We decided to go back home and fix the house up, so my parents took us out of school and we went back home. When we were driving into New Orleans it was devastating. The house in the front of our neighborhood was ruined. The whole half of the 2 nd story was gone. My mom and dad’s room had so much mold. It was devastating! We had no cable, no telephone and no food except for Raisin’ Canes! We finally got cable, a new refrigerator (with no electricity for two weeks it was gross!) but then Hurricane Rita was coming towards us now!!! I broke my foot right before Hurricane Rita hit. We are finally getting back to normal here; except my sister and I are going to new schools. Our schools won’t reopen until January. Going through this hurricane turned my life upside down. I appreciate everything that I have more than ever! I realize that everything I have can just be taken away in a blink of an eye! My life will never be the same after this!