The Day I’ll Never Forget

By Corrin R.


On Friday August 26, 2005 I went through school pretty much as I usually do. When the bell rang at 3:00 I was so excited that it was the weekend. I could go home and relax. I had not yet known about the dangers ahead. When we got home from school my dad told me and my sisters we had to evacuate because there was a hurricane coming and he just wanted to be safe. My mom told us to pack three shorts and shirts. We just thought it would be over in about three days. Well, we were wrong. That Friday we left and we were off to Lafayette. I have an uncle who lives there. It didn’t take too long because we left early. When we got there my parents were watching the news and they noticed that it was strengthening. Shortly after, my other aunt and my grandma were coming. We always watched the news to see what the conditions were like. It kept switching between a category 4 and 5. It turned east at the last minute. After about a week we went to live in our RV in a campground for about a month. We were home schooled by my aunt. I was very worried about our house. When the hurricane finally hit, I thought everything would be gone. I did not know what to expect. On our way home we stopped at my other uncle’s house in Mandeville. We stayed there about 3 days. When we finally got home we saw a lot of damage. There were army cars everywhere! When we were driving into my neighborhood I was worried about my house. When we were on my street our neighbor’s house was damaged badly. When we pulled up to my driveway our house our house was still there. I was relieved. Pretty much nothing was open except for Raisin’ Canes. I got pretty sick of Canes. ‘ This was an experience of a lifetime for me, because I have never in my life been through anything like this. But I managed to get through it and everything was okay.