The Chaos of Hurricane Katrina

By Madison R.

Hi, I’m Madison R. I live in New Orleans. It was just a normal day at Ursuline. Everyone was happy. But when I got home, everything changed. My mom said that Hurricane Katrina was coming here and we needed to leave. So the next day, my mom, sister, grandma, and dog Charlie and I left for Baton Rouge. My dad came later. But when we got to Baton Rouge, Katrina grew to a category 5 hurricane and was headed for New Orleans. Everyone was worried, especially my grandma who lives in an older house. My dad rushed home and boarded up the windows and got some important things that we had left behind like pictures, records of doctor visits, etc. All that was left to do was wait.

When I woke up the morning of the storm, the electricity was out. My mom and aunt and grandma were watching the news on a battery powered TV. My cousin and I were so bored. The house was so hot! After the storm was over that day, we all sat at the table and watched aerial footage of the destruction and flooding that Katrina caused. That night we ate ice cream for dinner. Yum! The looters were so out of control that the police had a hard time controlling them. They broke into Wal-Mart, drug stores, and even hospitals medicine storage rooms! Then the Southern Yacht Club and part of the neighborhood caught on fire! When things couldn’t get any worse, the 17 th Street Canal broke and flooded a lot of houses and businesses. Lakeview was flooded and so was Six Flags. Before the storm, there were 7,000 people in the Superdome, but after there were 20,000 people. They eventually got moved to the Astrodome along with the people from the Convention Center. Anyway, my uncle’s yard was covered with branches and leaves. Luckily their house was fine, except for the electricity. My whole family, except for us, was in Texas. Everyone was fine. After about two days the yard was clear of debris. The next week, my mom and dad were talking about a school to send my sister and me to. We tried to get into my cousin’s school, St. Jude, but there were no open spots. My mom’s friends told her that Christian Life Academy was a good school. We ended up going there. The teachers and students were so nice. But I wanted to go home. I was there for only a week and a half and then I went home.

On our way home, when we got close to the subdivision, I have seen more destruction than you can imagine. When I got home, the first house when we got in our gate was really bad. Half of its second story is gone. Luckily my house wasn’t too bad. It got hit with our neighbor’s awning on the side, the fence was down, and two columns on the porch fell. A little water got into my sister’s room and the office, but only because the awning hit something and water came in the vent. The rest of the house was fine. We had no cable or internet, and we could only get channels 4 and 8 on tv. After a week the cable and internet were back and everything was back to normal. Now I am at Visitation of Our Lady until Ursuline opens back up in January. Lucky for me, I have five of my friends here with me.