Survival Archive

Archived Stories

A Complete and Resourceful Guide to Riding the T in Boston, By Kara B.

A Life Changing Experience, By Julie R.

Category 4 Birthday, By Ben A.

The Chaos of Hurricane Katrina, By Madison R.

Confrontation to Progress, By Aisha

The Day I'll Never Forget, By Corrin R.

The Day My Life Changed, By Ginny W.

Drugs, By Joseph D.

The Funeral By Tasha K.

Hope By Ihilani H.

Hurricane Katrina, By Noor A.

My Experience with Hurricane Katrina, By Anna L.

My Hero, By Kellsie

My Hero, By Kelsey

My Katrina Experience, By Lauren W.

I'll Pray for You, By Kaci

Life Changes, By Nicole

Never Forget, By Jade D.

One Day at a Time, By Sara

Story of a City, By Kristin M.

A Survivor's Story (Part I) By Anonymous

A Survivor's Story (Part II) By Anonymous

Temporary Shelter, By Katie L.

The Weekend my Life was Turned Upside-Down, By Emma F.

Time Forgotten By Ethan G.

Time of Our Lives By Candace

Violence, By Oshea C.

Walls, By Meredith P. 

Words of Advice By Kathy and Francis