Story of a City

By Kristin M., Age 18

There was no warning of what was coming ahead

The streets were clear and rain started to fall

The waters rose while the winds squalled

We hoped and prayed as Katrina passed

That the rain and wind would not last

When all was over and the weather cleared

All looked better than what we had feared

We thought we had been spared from what was the worst

But it seemed that the city of New Orleans was cursed

The levees had failed and streets started to fill

People were stranded; some had been killed

Help didn’t come as despair turned to hostility

There was looting, shooting, and irresponsibility

The soldiers came with their helicopters and guns

After many weeks the search and rescue was done

Once called citizens, but now called refugees

New Orleans residents still roam the country

Many would like to come back home to stay

But there are no houses, only dismay

Now mold covers every possible surface

Electricity is still out, and people lack purpose

Wondering whether to stay and rebuild

Looking for answers and ways to pay the bills

Hoping the country doesn’t forget what has happened

And that the rebuilding effort will not be abandoned

New Orleans will come back and be better than ever

If we have hope and faith, and we all stick together