My Hero

By Kelsey

My hero is someone special to me. He is one of my relatives named David. Last school year he was in an accident. David was only six years old. His mom had come to pick him up from school, along with his sister and cousin, when, as they were walking back to their car, a person lost control of their car and crushed them all against a wall. He was in the hospital for a very long time, he missed Christmas and Halloween. David had to get a prosthetic leg, and his other leg was severely damaged. Through everything, he was still happy. He always had smile on his face and he was always having fun. It has been about a year since the accident, and he now plays sports, and can run again. This shows me that even through tragedy and hardship, one can still find ways to make life fun. He is my hero, because he is such a strong person. He has held himself together through so much, at such a young age, and he is still happy. He laughs and smiles every day, like nothing ever happened. It is amazing how a child that is only SIX has already gone through so much, and is as strong as he was and is. He pulled himself together very well. He inspired me, and is my hero. He is always happy no matter how much pain he is in, and he is one of the strongest people I know.